Rustic Nation

I grew up on the plains of West Texas & draw much inspiration from them.  Those wide, open spaces are dear to my heart & my art.  The primitive nature of the vastness that surrounded me continues to guide my aesthetic.

Animal Kingdom

I adore so much about insects & animals.  I think we humans, might be better humans if we spent more time with them.

Touch of Glass

What girl does not have some appreciation for a little sparkle & shine?


Stories & characters we have all loved through childhood.  These pieces simply celebrate the warmth those figures bring to our hearts.

Flower Power

Flowers & plants are very special to me.  Nature has been & still is a very influential force in my life, as well as deeply meaningful.  I will always pursue the beauty of nature.

Logos and Letters

I have enjoyed & worked primarily in contract & commission production.  I’ve included a few examples of customized paintings mostly composed of logos & font.